Forthcoming Events



​​Sat - Jul 22nd           Kirkham

Sat- 29th July           The Palace Ballroom

​Sat - Aug 19th          Kirkham

Sat- 26th Aug          The Palace Ballroom

​​Sat - Sep 23rd          Kirkham

Sat- 30th Sep          The Palace Ballroom

​​Sat - Oct 21st           Kirkham

Sat - Nov 18th          Kirkham

Sat- 25th Nov          The Palace Ballroom

​​Sat - Dec 2nd           Kirkham
​Sat 23rd Dec            The Palace Ballroom


Sat - Jan  27th     Kirkham
Sat - Feb  24th    Kirkham
Sat - Mar 24th    Kirkham
Sat - Apr  28th    Kirkham
Sat - May  26th   Kirkham
Sat - Jun   23rd    Kirkham
Sat - Jul   28th     Kirkham
Sat - Aug  25th    Kirkham 
Sat - Sep  22nd    Kirkham
Sat - Oct  27th     Kirkham

Sat - Nov 24th     Kirkham  

Sat - Dec  8th      Kirkham

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