Dance nights are predominately Sequence, with some Ballroom dancing, a spot of Rock and Roll, a touch of French Jive and two or three Line dances.

Playing music from the current era, with occasional trips down memory lane, from a mid-way catalogue which is sprinkled with fabulous songs, arrangements and orchestrations. There's just about something for everybody.

Get your glad rags on, pay us a visit and embrace the feel good factor.

     Dancing from 20.00 to 23.00                                                            Door prices: £5.00pp  Kirkham 

                                                                                                                                      £6.00 The Palace Ballroom

The Palace Ballroom  £6.00

Forthcoming Events


  • Sat- 30th Sep
  • Sat- 25th Nov


  • ​Sat 23rd Dec*

 Sequence dancing

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  Tel : 07714211846 

  Contact John on 07714211846                                                                                     email

With lots of goodies and extra Raffle prizes
Ticket only!
Saturday 23rd December

Dancing 20.00 - Late

Kirkham £5.00

Forthcoming Events


  • ​Sat - Sep 23rd
  • ​Sat - Oct 21st
  • ​Sat - Nov 18th
  • ​Sat - Dec 2nd


  • ​Sat -Jan  27th
  • Sat -Feb  24th
  • Sat -Mar 24th
  • Sat -Apr 28th
  • Sat -May 26th
  • Sat -Jun  23rd
  • Sat -Jul  28th
  • Sat -Aug 25th
  • Sat -Sep 22nd
  • Sat -Oct  27th
  • Sat -Nov  24th
  • Sat - Dec 8th